Aims & Objectives

Strengthening public health research capacity to inform evidence based policies in Tunisia (CONFIDE) project aims to strengthen the relations between higher education and the wider economic and social environment by developing the higher education sector in three regions within the country. The project will establish a sustainable Public Health research center, further on referred to as Center for Evidence into Health Policy, sustained by all project partners in the benefit of the three Tunisian Universities involved in the project: University of Tunis, University of Sfax and University of Sousse. The Center will have three headquarters, one in each Tunisian University ( the headquarter from Univeristy of Sfax will act as head office of the C4EHP). This Center acts as a resource institution for networking between the
academic and non-academic environment, providing educational modules and facilitating the implementation of trainee internship placements in connection to the field of Public Health evidencebased policies.

After the finalization of the project, the target groups and beneficiaries (BA, Master, PhD students, Medical students, young professionals, general practitioners, consortium partners, the Ministry of Health and its subordinating Public Health authorities, but also NGOs and private companies) will be reached through a sustainable network formed by the Center for Evidence into Health Policy, its Advisory Board and communication platform, developed during the lifetime of the project. All three partner universities are involved in this process, and moreover, each university will be responsible of its Center headquarter.
This sustainable network will be grounded in the principles, procedures, and methodologies developed and implemented through the Quality assurance framework (WP3) during the life of the project and the educational modules accredited during the lifetime of the project (public health research, health promotion, evidence-based public health policy).

The aim of the project will be accomplished through three interlinked objectives:

  • O1: Support sustainable development regarding the three public health fields by developing and implementing the Center for Evidence into Health Policy designed in order to ease future collaborations in the field of public health research, health promotion and evidence-based public health policy
  • O2: Strengthen institutional capacity for delivering state-of-the-art Research into Policy training program that includes three public health related modules (public health research, health promotion and evidence-based public health policy) among trainees enrolled in the Public Health educational programs
  • O3: Consolidate national and local partnerships between the public health academic and non-academic sector to provide students with a set of key transferable skills and career development opportunities through networking activities and student internship placements

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