Celebrating 2 years of CONFIDE project

In October we celebrate 2 years of CONFIDE project. 

We thank all partners for their support and implication!

Local meeting of the trainers in University of Tunis el Manar

A meeting took place on the fifth of October 2019 between the different trainers and staff members of University Tunis El Manar.

Meeting of Sfax University Staff members for the creation of the C4EHP

Réunion avec le Staff du projet Erasmus + CONFIDE pour la création de centre de recherche en santé publique ,promotion de la santé et politique de santé.

Types of variables

Research methods in public health.

EC supports the Erasmus+ project reporting process

How to read a journal article

Research methods in public health.

Coordination meeting for the 2nd year of the CONFIDE project

The CONFIDE annual coordination meeting continues today with working sessions on policy game methodology, dissemination and strategy.

Coordination meeting preparations

The annual coordination meeting of the CONFIDE project has started today in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Tunisian health sector to undergo overhaul

We share with you a brief history of the public health sector in Tunisia, a sector which is undergoing overhaul and reforms
Details: https://oxfordbusinessgroup.com/overview/annual-check-solid-foundation-sector-ready-overhaul?fbclid=IwAR3qzCQT1wFoKN2m8ehBQnat-Dt3OIzyItWmWaFF7BHM7JnLI9iQE8oqfs8

Les inégalités régionales persistent en termes d'infrastructures

The latest report on infrastructure indicators 2017 has just revealed the existence of a gap in the health sector in the health sector, especially in the number of beds available in hospital facilities. Although the number of beds has evolved from 15.574 beds in 1994 to 21.080 in 2017, the gap remains in the regions, since 28 % of the beds, or 6059, are placed in the Hospital structures of greater Tunis (Huffington Post Maghreb)

Details: https://www.huffpostmaghreb.com/entry/sante-les-inegalites-regionales-persistent-en-terme-dinfrastructures_mg_5d37027ce4b004b6adb600c4?ncid=other_facebook_eucluwzme5k&utm_campaign=share_facebook&fbclid=IwAR0Kt2pvrmSg3CYejMq9vpW1JLUOSa34PZLAJ6nCv4RPFAEjr06wh98JwX4