WP3 Quality plan

This WP aims to develop quality assurance and evaluation plan, conduct quality assurance and evaluation process, develop an Advisory Board to coordinate the Center for Evidence into Health Policy, conduct evaluation of the training program modules.
Quality assurance will take place the entire duration of the project in order to ensure the quality of the processes as well as the outcomes, in terms of deliverables upon completion of the project.

Process evaluation refers to the quality of the processes taking place during the project implementation and will be evaluated through a number of indicators:
•    Each Work Package Lead will document the implementation of work activities as outlined in the work plan. Four quality parameters will be measured through an Evaluation Form to be completed every 6 months: participation at project meetings; communication on key milestone activities, products created, and identification of quality issues encountered and solutions proposed;
•    The Advisory Board will be responsible with coordinating the center and its activity. The advisory board will be comprised of experts in public health from all partner countries;
•    The participants at the trainings, trainers and experts in the public health domain will receive evaluation questionnaires after each module per email (month 19) in order to assess the quality of the training programs modules from both the trainee side as well as the trainer side. Also, experts in the public health filed will assess the quality of trainings and will propose improvements. Four parameters will be included in the standardized questionnaire: content and level of the training, format, material provided, and the organization of the training.


3.1 Create an Advisory Board responsible for supervising the Center
In order to ensure its sustainability and functionality, the Center for Evidence into Health Policy needs to establish an Advisory Board that provides non-binding strategic managerial advices. The trainees from the partner universities will become members of the Advisory Board, along with representatives from the Ministry of Health and partner experts.

3.2 Evaluate the three modules (both by trainees and experts) using the resources of the evaluation comittee of the Faculté de medecin de Tunis
All three modules taught within each of the three headquarters will be evaluated by SDU and beneficiaries. They will be sent evaluation questionnaires after each module by email in order to assess the quality of the module and suggest improvements if it is the case. Faculté de Médecine de Tunis has an evaluation comittee that is active for 8 years and will be in charge with evaluating the three modules.

3.3 Develop project quality assurance reports, one per year
SDU is responsible for this work package in order to ensure continuous quality assurance monitoring. SDU will develop the parameters for the process and outcome evaluation in consensus with the Consortium. SDU will produce 3 quality assurance reports, one per year for evaluation of the process and outcome of the project; a quality assurance summary and recommendations for quality improvement will be made via a presentation at the Final Conference.

Estimated Start Date   15.10.2017    

Estimated End Date   15.10.2020

Lead Organisation    SDU
Participating Organisation    UBB, TU, USFAX, UTM, US

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