COVID-19 Resources

  • Distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide (11th of May 2020)

  • The  "Public Health COVID-19" is a research network in Germany which  has published a series of policy briefs regarding the current pandemic from an ethics perspective

  • The Public Health Journal published a “Public Health Ethics Collection”, edited by Dr Farhang Tahzib and John Coggon

  • How to budget for COVID-19?
  •  Beyond Containment: Health systems responses to COVID-19 in the OECD 
  • WHO ad-hoc consultation on managing the COVID-19 infodemic (7-8 April 2020) 
  • COVID-19 European Coordinated Response to the pandemic (3 April 2020)
  • COVID-19 Health System Response Monitor (WHO Europe & EC & Observatory)
  • COVID-19 Remote assessment in primary care  
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